Our Mission


Random Acts of Kid-ness

As parents of young children, we, like many, have seen tablets, phones, and televisions absorb our children into varying states of blue glow oblivion.  And while we certainly aren't anti-technology, we do think we've reached a tipping point where kids are losing touch with the outdoor playgrounds surrounding them. So, climb a tree, dig for worms, pick some flowers, fly a kite, skip a rock… in short, go outside and play.



Between birthday parties, soccer game refreshments, and lunch table concessions, our children see a good bit of sugar over the course of any given day. And while we have witnessed improvements within kids food and snacks, for whatever reason, drinks remain the same. The same sugar loaded pouches that launched 40 years ago are the same ones being used today. How is this possible? It can’t be that what our kids need the most of, healthy hydration, is also the biggest issue in their daily diets. We aim to change that… or Rethink it as we like to say.